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What is GPU Mining?

Telling you a little more details about GPU-Mining!

Why Graphics Cards for Mining and not Gaming?

First of all it is very important to know why coins like Ethereum, ZCash and Monero chose to go with CPU's or GPU's.
They wanted regular people that owned a computer at home to be a part of something big without having to buy millions of dollars on hardware to be part of it.

What about large farms?

Thanks to this the profits are shared almost equal between everyone, there are ofcourse farms like the ones from Genesis Mining that shined out already for a year or two.
They took a huge risk on investing that large amount of money into Graphics Cards to start mining with them, but it payed off big time at the end for them.

Don't miss your chance.

Maybe you are willing to take a smaller risk than those huge farms by buying yourself a miner and try out the GPU mining on your own with all the help and knowledge i can teach you.
I recommend being a part of this Blockchain/Cryptomining Era and not miss out on this opportunity.

Start mining today (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)