Crypto Security

The Ultimate Crypto Security Guide, Crypto Security is #1.


Securing your System.


Your First line of defence.

Mined, traded, bought or sold cryptocurrencies will probably first end up on your personal computer or a phone wallet, hereby your first line of defence will be protecting your system from outside breachers.
Hereby it would be strongly recommended to purchase a decent Antivirus that will scan your sytems for potential malware, keyloggers or any type of harms that can be done to your computer or phone.
The worst thing happening to you is getting hacked on an exchange or locally stored cryptocurrency wallet on your phone or personal computer before you were able to send it to your cold storage devices!


Securing crypto offline.


Your Second line of defence.

Storing your cryptocurrencies on a Cold wallet is a very good idea, as Exchange-, PC and Phone Wallets are NOT SAFE to store your cryptocurrencies on.

As Exchanges come and go, and computers and phones can get hacked, lost or even break down, it is a wise way to purchase one of the following cold storage devices that you can find on the next page.


Shoot me in the chest.


Your Third line of defence.

Securely stored your cryptocurrencies on a Cold storage device and wrote down your recover seed words on a piece of paper?
It is highly recommended to get a Cryptotag that is made out of pure Titanium that can withstand corrosion, extreme heat and is almost unbreakeable.
By storing this Cryptotag in a safe or storing it somewhere where nobody can find it, will be your best shot at the ultimate crypto security. (Oh and it can stop a bullet.)


You are now your own bank.


Your Final Line of Defence.

One final measure on protecting your cryptocurrencies will be your own measure.
I am talking about protecting your house, your cold storage wallets, recovery seed plates from CryptoTag and so on.
The purpose of cryptocurrencies is that you are an independend bank on your own.
Banks also take security measures like vaults to store gold and cash money, so you have to do that too!
I'm not telling you need to build a massive bunker to store your simple ledger with a thousand bitcoins on it, but just to be sure i would look out for some good measures of security on your house to prevent intruders to find your cryptocurrencies.