The complete list of mining hashrate benchmarks for all graphics cards.

GPU Ethereum (Ethash) RAVENCOIN (X16R) MONERO (CryptoNightV8) TDP PRICE ORDER
(Expected) GTX 1160Ti 6GB42Mh/sTBAMh/sTBAH/sTBA Watts$0Buy Now
(Expected) GTX 1160 6GB30Mh/sTBAMh/sTBAH/sTBA Watts$0Buy Now
(Confirming) Radeon VII90-128Mh/s20Mh/s2700-3000H/s295 Watts$700Buy Now
RTX 2060 6GB26Mh/s21Mh/s540H/s160 Watts$350Buy Now
RX 590 8GB32Mh/s8.5Mh/s1025H/s175 Watts$270Buy Now
RX 580 8GB32Mh/s7.5Mh/s1150H/s185 Watts$190Buy Now
RX 580 4GB30Mh/s7Mh/s1150H/s185 Watts$180Buy Now
RX 570 8GB30Mh/s4.6Mh/s875H/s120 Watts$186Buy Now
RX 570 4GB28Mh/s4.5Mh/s850H/s120 Watts$170Buy Now
RX 560 4GB14Mh/s3Mh/s400H/s75 Watts$145Buy Now
RX 550 4GB11Mh/s2Mh/s275H/s50 Watts$110Buy Now
VEGA NANO EVP5612 8GB49Mh/s11Mh/s2100H/s175 Watts$400Buy Now
VEGA FE 16GB Watercooled47Mh/s14Mh/s2460H/s375 Watts$1000Buy Now
VEGA FE 16GB42Mh/s12Mh/s2100H/s300 Watts$800Buy Now
VEGA 64 8GB45Mh/s13Mh/s2050H/s295 Watts$550Buy Now
VEGA 56 8GB40Mh/s11Mh/s1850H/s210 Watts$450Buy Now
Titan Xp 12GB56Mh/s30Mh/s975H/s250 Watts$1800Buy Now
RTX 207042Mh/s21Mh/s1000H/s175 Watts$570Buy Now
RTX 2080Ti 11GB57Mh/s38Mh/s1200H/s250 Watts$1300Buy Now
RTX 208042Mh/s30Mh/s895H/s215 Watts$796Buy Now
Tesla V100 16GB SXM294Mh/s46Mh/s1680H/s300 Watts$5995Buy Now
Titan V 12GB82Mh/s43Mh/s1600H/s300 Watts$3588Buy Now
GTX 1080Ti 11GB52Mh/s27Mh/s850H/s250 Watts$900Buy Now
GTX 1080 8GB40Mh/s11Mh/s850H/s180 Watts$540Buy Now
GTX 1070Ti 8GB33Mh/s13.5Mh/s700H/s180 Watts$490Buy Now
GTX 1070 8GB32Mh/s12Mh/s650H/s150 Watts$390Buy Now
GTX 1060 6GB23Mh/s8Mh/s550H/s120 Watts$250Buy Now
GTX 1060 3GB19Mh/s9Mh/s550H/s120 Watts$200Buy Now
GTX 1050Ti 4GB15Mh/s4Mh/s325H/s75 Watts$167Buy Now