Top 10 Mining GPU 2019

A Top 10 Mining GPU list by BuriedONE based on price, mining performance, density, efficiency and a formula to reveal the true mining performance of a graphics card.

18.6658RX 570 4GBRX 570 4GB$139120 WattsAMD$16.04/MonthEthereumBuy Now
29.0085RX 570 8GBRX 570 8GB$159120 WattsAMD$17.65/MonthEthereumBuy Now
39.6406VEGA 56 8GBVEGA 56 8GB$279210 WattsAMD$28.94/MonthEthereumBuy Now
49.7126RX 580 4GBRX 580 4GB$169185 WattsAMD$17.40/MonthEthereumBuy Now
510.3237RX 580 8GBRX 580 8GB$185185 WattsAMD$17.92/MonthEthereumBuy Now
610.6817RX 590 8GBRX 590 8GB$199175 WattsAMD$18.63/MonthEthereumBuy Now
713.0964RX 560 4GBRX 560 4GB$12975 WattsAMD$9.85/MonthEthereumBuy Now
813.2641RTX 2070 SUPER 8GBRTX 2070 SUPER 8GB
By Alex Rain
$549215 WattsNVidia$41.39/MonthMTPBuy Now
913.2738 Radeon VII Radeon VII$699295 WattsAMD$52.66/MonthEthereumBuy Now
1013.5530VEGA 64 8GBVEGA 64 8GB$399250 WattsAMD$29.44/MonthEthereumBuy Now
1113.8788GTX 1660 6GBGTX 1660 6GB$229120 WattsNVidia$16.50/MonthRavencoinBuy Now
1213.9688RTX 2060 6GBRTX 2060 6GB$340160 WattsNVidia$24.34/MonthRavencoinBuy Now
1313.9886GTX 1660Ti 6GBGTX 1660Ti 6GB$269120 WattsNVidia$19.23/MonthEthereumBuy Now
1414.5425RX 550 4GBRX 550 4GB$8950 WattsAMD$6.12/MonthEthereumBuy Now
1515.2008P104-100 4GBP104-100 4GB
$299120 WattsNVidia$19.67/MonthHorizenBuy Now
1616.0629RTX 2070 8GBRTX 2070 8GB$470175 WattsNVidia$29.26/MonthGrinBuy Now
1716.1336RTX 2060 SUPER 8GBRTX 2060 SUPER 8GB
By Red Panda Mining
$459160 WattsNVidia$28.45/MonthGrinBuy Now
1816.1474RTX 2080 8GBRTX 2080 8GB$679215 WattsNVidia$42.05/MonthGrinBuy Now
1916.4114GTX 1650 4GBGTX 1650 4GB$15075 WattsNVidia$9.14/MonthRavencoinBuy Now
2016.4830GTX 1070 8GBGTX 1070 8GB$359150 WattsNVidia$21.78/MonthBeamBuy Now
2117.3721RTX 2080Ti 11GBRTX 2080Ti 11GB$1100250 WattsNVidia$63.32/MonthGrinBuy Now
2217.4037GTX 1080 8GBGTX 1080 8GB$429180 WattsNVidia$24.65/MonthBeamBuy Now
2318.2778GTX 1060 3GBGTX 1060 3GB$225120 WattsNVidia$12.31/MonthBitcoin GoldBuy Now
2418.9570GTX 1060 6GBGTX 1060 6GB$269120 WattsNVidia$14.19/MonthEthereumBuy Now
2520.2681GTX 1070Ti 8GBGTX 1070Ti 8GB$499180 WattsNVidia$24.62/MonthBeamBuy Now
2621.8699GTX 1080Ti 11GBGTX 1080Ti 11GB$800250 WattsNVidia$36.58/MonthGrinBuy Now
2723.1481GTX 1050Ti 4GBGTX 1050Ti 4GB$17575 WattsNVidia$7.56/MonthEthereumBuy Now
2826.8007VEGA FE 16GBVEGA FE 16GB$800300 WattsAMD$29.85/MonthEthereumBuy Now
2927.3973VEGA FE 16GB WatercooledVEGA FE 16GB Watercooled$880375 WattsAMD$32.12/MonthEthereumBuy Now
3031.0338TITAN XP 12GBTITAN XP 12GB$1624250 WattsNVidia$52.33/MonthGrinBuy Now
3132.0138TITAN V 12GBTITAN V 12GB$2499300 WattsNVidia$78.06/MonthGrinBuy Now
3237.1212TITAN RTX 24GBTITAN RTX 24GB$2499280 WattsNVidia$67.32/MonthGrinBuy Now
3356.4084Quadro RTX 6000 24GBQuadro RTX 6000 24GB$3873260 WattsNVidia$68.66/MonthGrinBuy Now
3470.1384Quadro P5000 16GBQuadro P5000 16GB$1825180 WattsNVidia$26.02/MonthGrinBuy Now
3577.4048TESLA V100 16GBTESLA V100 16GB$5995300 WattsNVidia$77.45/MonthGrinBuy Now
3693.6379TESLA P100 16GBTESLA P100 16GB$2767300 WattsNVidia$29.55/MonthEthereumBuy Now
37113.6048Quadro P6000 24 GBQuadro P6000 24 GB$3599250 WattsNVidia$31.68/MonthRavencoinBuy Now

*VALUE - Based on the lowest and best list price of the GPU on Amazon.

*MINING - Based on the mining performance on multiple GPU mined cryptocurrencies.

*DENSITY - With a higher density graphics card you will need less Mining Base parts compared to a graphics card with a low density, a good example would be that you would three RX 560's for replacing a single RX VEGA 56.

*EFFICIENCY - Based on the amount of hashes it can do per wattage on multiple GPU mined cryptocurrencies, determening the efficiency of the architecture and fabrication process of a graphics card.

*ROI SCORE - Based on all the factors above, with an aditional Return of Investment formula invented by BuriedONE to determine the actual best graphics card. The lower the score, the better the ROI is of a graphics card.